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Sacramento is my hometown. Both sides of my family have lived in either Land Park, or East Sacramento, for over 100 years. I attended the local schools, played in the local sports leagues, and have been actively involved in the community my entire life.  My entire family, for over 100 years, has also been a part of the local schools, primarily Christian Brothers High School and Holy Spirit Elementary School, and the local churches, primarily the Cathedral in downtown Sacramento.

Sacramento is a great city, no matter what age you are, or whether you are single or have a family, the climate, amenities, nightlife, and overall vibe make it a wonderful place to live. Years ago, the routine compliment you would hear about Sacramento is how close it was to so many different well-known attractions, including San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Lake Tahoe and Truckee, California. This is all still true; Sacramento is still within close proximity of all these great areas that attract tourist from all over the world every year. But times have changed, Sacramento is a powerhouse within its own right, and if you are looking for a city with a high quality of life, this is the destination.

Some of the premier neighborhoods in Sacramento are:


Land Park:

I was born and raised in Land Park. Take it from a local, there is no neighborhood better. If you have a family, the area around William Land Park, Funderland, FairyTale Town and the Zoo is the top place to be if you have young children. If you enjoy going for a daily walk, or enjoy fitness in general, the combination of running trails, and exercises stations throughout park will ensure a healthy lifestyle. Vic’s ice cream, Tower Theatre are both local institutions, and they are all in your Land Park backyard. The close proximity to the downtown and midtown areas ensures a close ride or walk to all that those areas have to offer, but the restaurants and local bars allow you to stay in the neighborhood for a night out if you so choose. Not surprisingly, the prices in this area are reflective of the quality of life the neighborhood has to offer.

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East Sacramento:

My Dad was born and raised in East Sacramento, and outside of Land Park, it is the neighborhood I have spent the most time in throughout my life. East Sacramento is a legendary area, great for families, and young professionals, within close proximity to Midtown Sacramento and the Fair Oaks Blvd area. The one advantage East Sac has over Land Park is there are far more local pubs and bars than Land Park offers, so if you are looking for a Cheers like bar to have in the neighborhood, East Sacramento definitely has a lot of different options. There is a strong sense of community in this area, the local schools are great, and the quality of life in general is very high, and once again, the prices reflect that.

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Another neighborhood from my youth, I attended Christian Brothers High School, there were a lot of Greenhaven kids at the school, and I spent many a high school night, in the homes throughout Greenhaven. It is a great area for families, and seniors, and it is still very close to the midtown or downtown area for a night on the town, but in recent years the nightlife options in the Greenhaven/Pocket area have exploded, as well as the areas in close-by Freeport, California, if you want to go the opposite direction of downtown. Greenhaven is a local’s neighborhood, with a rich history in Sacramento, excellent local schools, including Kennedy High School, and just an overall high quality of life and although the prices might not be as high as Land Park or East Sac, it is still a premium neighborhood, and the prices will also reflect that.

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River Park:

Hidden behind East Sacramento, and the home of Sacramento State, this is a great area for families and single people alike, known for large lots, a high quality of life, great schools, great proximity to Fair Oaks and East Sac, and just an overall great sense of community and high property values.

Curtis Park:

Another old Sacramento neighborhood, rich in tradition and history, home of the famous Gunther’s Ice Cream, which even as a child of Land Park, I believe is the best ice cream in the city (sorry Vic’s). Great old homes, large lots, the new Crocker Village that was recently built is a great area, sure to increase in value for years to come. Curtis Park is adjacent to Land Park, it has a very similar feel to it, but does not quite reach the price points Land Park has, which can be a real benefit for those just out of the Land Park markets reach, especially if you have children and need space. Safe, clean, it is a great neighborhood to raise a family in, or for a night out at one of the many restaurants this neighborhood has to offer.

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Midtown is for the youth, the young at heart, or anyone that enjoys nightlife, culture, and the energy of a big city. Although the vibe may be geared for the youth, the prices are geared for the financially secure, as the old Victorians and Colonial homes have skyrocketed in value over the last twenty years, and rightfully so, this is a great neighborhood, and if you want to ditch your car, and life a big city lifestyle, this is where you go. No matter where you live in Sacramento, when it is time to celebrate, Midtown is generally where you and your friends will be. I was lucky enough to live in the Midtown area when I was in my 20’s, before the prices were what they are now, and I still cherish the memories I made during those years. If you have children, St. Francis Elementary School is the oldest, and one of the most well-regarded schools in the region.

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Other neighborhoods worth mentioning:


Oak Park – this area is near everything Sacramento has to offer, it is full of single-family homes, and it is only a matter of time until the prices reflect that. Do not overlook Oak Park.

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Tahoe Park – another neighborhood full of single-family homes, on large lots, with a high quality of life. It does not get as much attention as some of the surrounding neighborhoods, but it is worth serious consideration if you are looking to buy in Sacramento.


Natomas: the neighborhood was new when I was growing up, but by now has had a generation or two raised in the area, and the sense of community reflects that. It is very close to downtown/midtown, the local schools are well regarded, and the homes are large, and in high demand.

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South Sacramento: Another neighborhood with property values steadily rising, and with no end in sight. This is an example of a neighborhood that locals prefer to non-locals, the statistics are not always as impressive on paper for the area, but as someone who was born and raised in Sacramento, I have spent considerable time in South Sacramento, and always had a good time.  This area has great single family homes with large lots and a rich history in the Sacramento region.


The list above is not exhaustive, there are a lot of great areas throughout the city, and the areas above are limited to the City of Sacramento, once the surrounding areas of Elk Grove, Folsom, El Dorado Hills and Yolo and Placer County are taken into consideration, there are an abundance of desirable locations in the Sacramento Metropolitan Area.


If you are interested in working with an agent who has familiarity with the City of Sacramento, or the surrounding suburbs like Elk Grove, Folsom, EL Dorado Hills, Roseville, or Rocklin, call (916) 469-7041 and we can discuss your next step.


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